MTI Business College of Stockton was established in 1968 to provide business, technical and medical education and training to meet the requirements of employers and citizens of the community. The College relocated to its present location at 6006 N. El Dorado Street in 1978. The college became incorporated in 1986 and was renamed MTI Business College of Stockton, Inc. dba MTI Business College. MTI Business College became nationally accredited through the National Association of Trade and Technical Schools (NATTS) in 1987. NATTS over the years became ACCSCT, the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology. In 2009 they shortened their name to ACCSC, the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. Presently the college is nationally accredited through ACCSC.


The College is housed in a heated, air conditioned, single story building which contains well lighted classrooms, student and faculty lounges, resource center and administrative offices. The facility was designed and built for education and training in a pleasant, studious atmosphere. Ample parking is provided and the College is conveniently located next to public transportation.

Handicapped access includes level entries, expansive hallways, special restroom facilities and reserved parking.

The equipment in our classrooms meet the demands of technology and techniques necessary for business, technical and medical fields of employment as reviewed at least twice a year by Advisory Board Members / employers of our community. Classrooms/laboratories contain reference materials, computers, calculators, typewriters, dictaphones and medical instruments and equipment. Medical equipment include microscopes, centrifuges, hemacytometer, autoclave, electrocardiogram machine, stethoscopes and CPR manikins and equipment. Classroom books and supplies are available for purchase.

The school facilities and equipment comply with all local, state and federal safety and health rules and regulations.


The philosophy of the College is that we recognize the need and desire of those seeking a new career or an upgrade of their skills to be eligible for employment in months instead of years. We provide some flexibility within the scheduling system to the maximum time frame for completion in accomplishing our goals. Our programs are competency based with intensified education and training in specific courses of study. MTI offers individual, personalized attention and encouragement with additional time to practice or study, so that all students achieve their optimum potential for our marketplace as determined by feedback from the community and its employers.. This assures our students of being thoroughly educated and ready to step into training related occupations of their respective program. MTI continuously evaluates student outcomes & institutional goals improving our efforts.

Our objective is to promote personal responsibility, pride, and satisfaction in accomplishment. We propose to train conscientious, hard-working individuals giving them every encouragement to see everyone's ambitions are realized by gainful employment.