CLASS SIZE: Classes range in size from 10 to 25 students; a typical class consists of 15 to 20 students. Tutorial periods conveniently arranged in either morning, afternoon or evening hours to assist students who are struggling with their lessons.

STAFF AND FACULTY: Faculty and administrative staff dedicated to providing excellent training & personal attention with job placement assistance for all graduates. An active Faculty Development Plan affords continual educational units (CEU's) each year to our staff and faculty in order to not remain complacent; to always reach for improvement and the supply of new teaching techniques from both internal and external sources.

TUITION: Programs fairly priced - where quality is a goal. Advisory Board meetings arranged with local employers reviewing our programs, curriculum, and placement services at least twice a year.

FINANCIAL AID: Both a Federal Pell Grant Program and Federal Direct Loan Program is available for those who qualify.

FEDERAL DIRECT LOAN REPAYMENT ASSISTANCE: Consultant available with up-to-date information to assist students and graduates in the repayment process of both Federal Family Education Loans & Federal Direct loans.

TRAINING: Comprehensive courses, additional time available, up to 150%, to practice or study past the original end date in order to complete either day or evening classes. Since 1970 the college has not charged extra for this special service.

FACILITIES: Centralized under one roof, air conditioned or heated for year round use, to provide comfort & flexibility for classes and close proximity/availability of administrative offices; classroom equipment comparable to business and professional establishments.