Tuition costs vary according to program length. All tuition and fees are payable in advance unless other arrangements are made prior to beginning classes. Weekly and monthly terms can be arranged. Federal Financial Aid is offered to those individuals who qualify for a Federal Pell Grant and/or the Federal Direct Loan Program for selective programs. Detailed information can be obtained at the Colleges' Financial Aid Office.


The Buyer/Student may cancel this contract prior to the start of classes. The Buyer/Student has the right to cancel this contract for school, without any penalty or obligation, within seven business days from the date of the first class attended. If you cancel, any payment made on your behalf will be returned to the payee within ten days following the Seller/School's receipt of the Buyer/Student's written and dated cancellation. If the Seller/School gave the Buyer/Student any equipment, the Buyer/Student may return the equipment within ten days of the date the Buyer/Student signed the cancellation notice. If the Buyer/Student does not return the equipment within this 10-day period, the Seller/School may keep an amount out of what the Buyer/Student paid that equals the documented cost of the equipment. The Seller/School is required to repay any amount over that as provided above and the Buyer/Student may keep the equipment. To cancel the contract for school, the Buyer/Student must mail or deliver a signed and dated copy of the cancellation notice, or send a telegram to the school at the address on the first page of this Agreement, NOT LATER THAN MIDNIGHT of the seventh business day after the first class. REMEMBER, THE BUYER/STUDENT MUST CANCEL IN WRITING. The Buyer/Student does not have the right to cancel by just telephoning the school or by not coming to class. If the student has been rejected by the school, all monies shall be repaid.

If the institution specifies a separate charge in the agreement for equipment (excluding health or sanitary items) that the student actually obtains and the student returns that equipment in good condition within 30 days following the date of the student's withdrawal, the institution shall repay the charge for the equipment paid by the student. If the student fails to return the equipment in good condition within 30 days, the institution may subtract the documented cost to the institution of the equipment from the repayment. The student is liable for any amount by which the documented cost for equipment exceeds the repayment amount calculated.

Cost of medical or other examinations, if required, are to be borne by the Buyer/Student. School/Seller agrees charges collected from Buyer/Student, which the school holds for the purpose of paying to any other public or private person, firm, organization or agency, such as for a bond, license application, or examination fees, or any similar fees or charges, shall, where the Buyer/Student cancels or withdraws from the course at any time prior to completion, by repayment in full. Such charges are not subject to any repayment if the Seller/School has paid them prior to receipt of notice of withdrawal or cancellation, or if the Buyer/Student did not give written notice to the school of withdrawal during the first 21 days of the unofficial withdrawal period.

The School/Seller reserves the right to change or modify, without notification, the program content, equipment, staff, or materials and organization as necessary for the ongoing improvement of the program in order to keep pace with technological progress and to improve instructional quality, with approval of the School/Seller's licensing agent, if necessary. Such changes will not diminish the quality of any program or result in tuition increases for the duration of this agreement.

The Buyer/Student may be terminated from enrollment at the discretion of the School Director and/or Associate Director, if the Student/Buyer's behavior, attendance, dress and/or academic progress does not conform to the requirements, rules, and regulations of the School as set out in the catalog.

The Buyer/Student release holds harmless and indemnifies the School and its agents from and against all liabilities and other expenses which may be imposed upon, incurred by, or asserted against it or them by any reason of bodily injury, or property damage or loss which the Buyer/Student may suffer from any cause while enrolled in the School.


The Buyer/Student has the right to withdraw at any time from the course of instruction after midnight of the seventh business day described above (RIGHT TO CANCELLATION). If the Buyer/Student withdraws or is terminated, or expelled, by the Seller/School, the Seller/School shall remit a repayment as provided in this section, less a registration fee within forty-five (45) days following withdrawal, termination, or expulsion. The Buyer/Student shall be deemed by the School to have withdrawn from the course of instruction when any of the following shall occur: (1) The Buyer/Student notifies the School of withdrawal or of the date of the Buyer/Student's withdrawal, whichever is later; (2) The School terminates the student's enrollment as provided in above; (3) The Buyer/Student fails to attend classes for a two-week period. For the purpose of the calculation of this part, the date of the Buyer/Student's withdrawal shall be deemed to be the date of withdrawal, termination, or expulsion from school.

CALCULATION OF REPAYMENT AMOUNT: The school's return of un-earned aid is calculated according to policies set forth by the United States Department of Education and the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE). MTI Business College of Stockton applies these standards to all students regardless of whether or not they are federal financial aid recipients and full-time or part-time students.

The United States Department of Education Return of Title IV funds calculation takes into consideration the funds that were disbursed on behalf of the student during the first, and/or second term of their program. The days attended in a payment period are divided by the total days of the period. For purposes of the return of funds formula “days” include weekends and holidays. Only school scheduled breaks of five days or more are excluded. This calculation determines the percentage of Title IV or non-Title IV funds to be returned for students that completed 60 percent or less of a payment period.

APPLICATION OF REPAYMENT PROCEEDS: If any portion of the tuition was paid from the proceeds of a student loan, the repayment shall be sent to the lender(s) or, if appropriate, to the state or federal agency(ies) that guaranteed or reinsured the loan, in order of priority; Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans, Federal Direct Subsidized Loans, Federal Direct PLUS Loans for Underaged Students, and Pell Grants. Any amount of the repayment in excess of the unpaid balance of the loan shall be first used to repay any student financial aid programs from which the student received any benefits, in proportion to the amount of the benefits received, and any remaining amount shall be paid to the student or to a third-party payer if that organization has paid the Buyer/Student's tuition and fees. Any overpayment of monies disbursed for indirect educational expenses will be based on the percentage of time elapsed over the total time in the award period. The Buyer/Student will be responsible for the repayment of any such overpayment. Repayments made by the Buyer/Student will be made to the appropriate Financial Aid fund account and/or student loan lender in proportion to the amount of the benefits received by the Buyer/Student.

NOTICE OF REPAYMENT TO BUYER/STUDENT: The Seller/School shall notify the Buyer/Student in writing of the date on which the repayment was made, the amount of the repayment, the method of calculating the repayment, and the name and address of the entity to which the repayment was sent within ten days of such repayment. Posting this notice in the US Postal Service shall be deemed constructive notice for this purpose.