10-MC 2 Data Entry [3.0 Units]
Storage and retrieval techniques, functions and interrelations of display screen, keyboard, control keys and handling data disks through realistic simulated business applications.

10-MC 3 Operating Systems [2.0 Units]
Windows Vista/7/8 used on various IBM compatible computers. Concepts and structures of copying disks and USB's, using disk files, directory tree structures and printing operations.

10-MC 4 Data Base Concepts [3.5 Units]
Random access vs sequential files for data base management. Experience in using commercial Microsoft Access software.

10-MC 5 Literacy in Computers [3.5 Units]
History of the computer industry, operating systems, hardware and software, modern PC's and their peripheral equipment. Computers in the work place and their diversified application and uses.

10-MC 6 Spreadsheets [4.5 Units]
Concepts of Microsoft Excel software including practical lab exercises applicable to business and accounting.

10-MC 7 Software Applications [5.5 Units]
Corel Suite and Presentation software similar to Microsoft PowerPoint procedures applicable to business and accounting. Class makes extensive use of WordPerfect principles and exercises, particularly commands using sorting, merging, outlining, header & footer, and documents for legal procedures.

20-B 1 Business Machines [3.0 Units]
Develop skills in the touch operation of the calculator. Learn to solve business math problems with machine assistance. Gaining speed development and accuracy is an important goal in the course.

20-AC 1 Accounting [6.0 Units]
Concepts and application principles of accrual accounting. The procedures for journalizing in the general journal, posting to the general ledger, preparing simple income and balance sheets, concepts of specialized journals. Introduction to computer accounting.

20-AC 2 Accounting/Computer Lab [6.0 Units]
Concepts and application of business accounting with procedures for payroll, quarterlies, notes and interest, adjusting and closing entries, straight line depreciation. Emphasis on practical accounting problems and projects. Computer Lab is taken concurrently using Integrated Accounting for Microcomputers and Quickbooks Pro software.

20-C 1 Communications [6.25 Units]
Designed to increase the ability to spell and develop vocabulary. Emphasis on proofreading to increase depth and understanding in spelling, grammar and punctuation accuracy. Combines these skills in relation to records management (filing techniques), storage and control.

20-C 2 Communications [6.25 Units]
Improve communication skills through the application of English fundamentals, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. Develop writing skills with special attention to organization of thoughts, style and improved format of business letters.

20-OP 1 Office Procredures [10.5 Units]
Systems and procedures for efficient office management. To learn secretarial skills, to develop personal qualities, and characteristics, and to further professional growth. It establishes improvements in oral and written commnications. Procedures are introduced in order to become an asset in any business environment.

20-M 1 Business Math [2.0 Units]
Application of mathematical principles to practical business problems. Includes a review of fundamentals, decimals, percentages, fractions, interest and banking procedures.

20-M 2 Business Math [2.0 Units]
Calculate interest rates, cash and trade discounts, payroll and commissions. Compute monthly payments and interest charges.

20-OPL 1 Legal Office Administration [8.5 Units]
Ethics, judgement and confidentiality are emphasized in addition to the concepts, applications and procedures used in a legal office through the use of practical simulations. Students learn probate procedures and forms, prepare litigation pleadings (papers), presenting complaints and answers, cross complaints, stipulations and judgments both through typewriters and with greater emphasis using the computer lab with real world simulations and projects. Legal vocabulary is emphasized throughout the course.

20-OPM 1 Medical Office Administration [12.0 Units]
Concepts, procedures and duties of a secretary in an allied health care office or facility including front office management, ethics, judgment, confidentiality, insurance billing, medical terminology, drugs and their abbreviations and billing procedures. Organize and produce medical letters, forms, and reports and transcribe case histories, physicals and treatment records. First Aid and CPR certification achieved through our approved instructors set by the American Heart Association (AHA).

20-T 1 Basic Keyboarding/Typing [5.0 Units]
Introduction to typewriters and computers, covering the keyboard functions of each medium. Diagnostic testing to determine areas that need concentrated effort. Computer software utilized for beginning typists and speed building. Produce business letters and memos.

20-T 2 Basic Keyboarding/Typing [5.0 Units]
Emphasis is placed on production typing and such topics and applications as centering, formatting, letter parts, styles and placement, interoffice memos, tables, reports and business forms. Development of speed and accuracy is stressed.

20-T 3 Basic Keyboarding/Typing [6.0 Units]
Concentration on specialized typing for legal, medical or executive secretarial correspondence, reports, forms and dictaphone transcription.

20-WP 1 Word Processing [2.5 Units]
Introduction to word processing. Procedures and applications are designed to give the student knowledge and practical experience using the basic features of Microsoft Word software. Creating, formatting, and printing documents is learned as well as the ability to follow oral and written instructions.

20-WP 2 Word Processing [2.5 Units]
Instruction in Corel WordPerfect: formatting for Header/Footer, macros, document assembly, merging, sorting and the proper use of advanced functions such as Spell check and the Thesaurus program. Speed and accuracy is stressed through the use of practical exercises, assignments, and testing.

30-MA 1 Anatomy and Physiology [4.5 Units]
Study of the anatomical and physiological relationship of the human body as to its structure, functions and body systems.

30-MC 1 Clinical Theory/Lab [1.0 Units]
Perform clinical procedures for physical examinations, vital signs, height, weight, and measure. First Aid and CPR certification is achieved through our approved instructors set by the American Heart Association (AHA).

30-MCP 1 Clinical Theory/Lab/Phlebotomy [14.5 Units]
Hands on performance of clinical procedures for tray preparation, autoclaving procedures, dressing applications and EKG'S. Familiarity with controls and the performance of basic lab tests including hematology, chemistry using the Reflotron, pregnancy and mononucleosis testing, blood typing, urinalysis and serology. Perform injections, venipuncture and capillary punctures. Preparation and handling of medications and emergency treatment. First Aid and CPR certification achieved through our approved instructors set by the American Heart Association (AHA).

30-MD 1 Terminology [4.5 Units]
Gain an understanding of related medical terms and their correct spelling. Study of prefixes, suffixes and root words that compose medical terms; spelling and pronunciation of prescription drugs.

30-MF 1 Medical Forms [5.5 Units]
Application and use of codes for medical procedures from CPT and ICD books. Prepare and complete all types of allied health insurance forms such as Standard Forms, MediCal, Medicare, CHAMPUS, Workers' Compensation and State Disability.

30-MM 1 Medical Manager [2.5 Units]
The Medical Office Simulated Software (MOSS) is designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of a modern, computerized medical office. This course incorporates insurance billing and coding, patient information, office management. In addition the software incorporates appointment scheduling, clinical history and diagnosis history. Insurance billing includes HMO's, PPO's, Medicare, Medicaid and Workman's Compensation.

30-MO 1 Office Administration [3.25 Units]
Responsibilities and duties of the medical receptionist, care of the reception area, examination rooms and safety factors. Completing patient records, labeling, filing & posting; scheduling appointments; billing, collecting and posting payments, processing incoming and outgoing mail and telephone techniques.

30-MO 2 Office Administration [3.25 Units]
Ethics, judgment, and confidentiality are stressed in dealing with patients and the public. Procedures for ordering supplies for the office and medical laboratory. Management of insurance forms, letters and memos, front and back office activities for overall efficiency.

30-MP 1 Pharmacology [5.5 Units]
Understanding of medications, there adverse reactions, identification of symptoms, trade, proprietary, generic names and categories of various types. Chemical properties, dosage calculations and administration are emphasized.

30-MT 1 Terminology [4.5 Units]
Gain an understanding of medical and pharmaceutical terms, symbols, abbreviations, suffixes, prefixes; terminology relating to systems of the body and medical practice specialties.